Hypocrisy at it’s peak!

August 22, 2011 at 6:48 pm (India, North East India)

In my last post I said that people should fight for every cause of their concerns equally and not just the one which has captured media attention for various reasons. The current issue which has figured in every newspaper headlines is nothing but the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare who is currently fasting at Ramleela Maidan in New Delhi asking the government to pass his version of the lokpal bill. Without repeating few of the loopholes in the lokpal bill and the so-called undemocratic (black-mail) way of protest (fast until death = attempting to commit suicide) like I have mentioned in my previous post, let me say a few words about the extent to which this anti-corruption movement fever has spread all over the country. By extent, I don’t mean the number of people protesting with Anna Hazare, but the thousands of people who have stopped bothering about the other crucial issues which affect their lives much more than corruption does, those who openly acknowledge of being corrupt and still shouting for anti-corruption and those who were involved in mass corruption but don’t acknowledge it and  now shouting against corruption just for their political benefit or publicity. In short, the extent here means the extent of hypocrisy I can see all around me which has shaken my faith in the anti-corruption movement more than the loopholes in the lokpal bill.

As far as I have seen, the most hilarious  example of hypocrisy has been shown by Maharashtra Builder’s Association. They went on a rally day before yesterday to show their support to the anti-corruption movement. Apparently these builders demand 50% black money when they sell flats to the customers. And when a journalist mentioned this fact in front of one of the builders, he said in reply that taking black money from the customers and supporting anti-corruption movement are two different things. He also tried to justify by explaining why they charge black money and where those are being used (Rehabilitation and Resettlement of the poor people whose land they take for building apartment etc). But nothing can justify corruption, isn’t it? So, these corrupted builders are looting money (black) to fill their Swiss bank accounts on one hand and shouting against corruption on the other hand. Similarly the whole corporate world is backing Anna’s movement, there is news which says that some billionaires in multinational companies are also fasting to show their support to Anna. Needless to mention that, many of these corporates are also piling up black money in Swiss banks which they earn by evading tax. But unfortunately the current anti-corruption movement is more directed against the corrupted politicians we elect but not against these corrupted corporates. Anyway, this is just an example of such hypocrisy spread all over the country, there are probably thousands such people who are practicing it nowadays for various reasons.

But I at least appreciate one thing about those builders: they have acknowledged whatever wrong things they are doing, may be for a noble cause as they say. But there are others in the society who don’t even acknowledge it, the best example are the non-Congress politicians who are shouting for the anti-corruption movement. Had they been honest, they would have declared their assets in Swiss banks, returned them to where they actually belong before coming out on the streets to take part in an anti-corruption rally. By joining anti-corruption rally, these corrupted political leaders can win hearts of a million (mostly illiterate or too much loyal ) Indians , but their actual motive is very clear to educated Indians. But considering the fact that most of  our so-called educated youths refrain themselves from voting, it won’t be surprising if these non-Congress politicians (no less corrupted than Congress) come to power in the next elections. In fact these builders probably represent most of the Indian middle class who pay bribe to buy a LPG cylinder, pay bribe to get their children admitted to a school or college, use pirated copies of computer and mobile phone software, download movies, songs illegally etc on one hand and shouting against corruption on the other hand as if, the anti-corruption movement is only against the bribe takers but not those who give bribe. If this is not hypocrisy, then what is it?

Like I have mentioned in my earlier post that we should fight for other problems also, not just one which has grabbed too much media attention. I won’t hit out at Anna on this like Arundhati Roy has done saying why Anna is not fighting for farmer suicides in his home state Maharashtra. After all one person can not fight for all the problems in the society. But I never expected a Gandhian like Anna to come in a reality show of a private television. May be he was not paid for this, but it really creates a bad impression on a person like him who is leading millions of Indians now. Anyway, regarding the equal level fight for other causes, people are silent. People have even stopped fighting for other causes which are of more concern. For example, in Dhemaji district of Assam, flood is creating havoc making around 300 thousand people homeless and killing hundreds of them. There are similar other problems like mega dams in Northern Assam and Arunachal and their threats to the people of Assam etc but everybody has joined the anti-corruption movement. In fact there are some people who never took part in any rally or protests to fight for many problems they are facing, but now have come out to show their (pseudo)support to the cause of making India corruption free. May be they really mean it, but it looks as if the only motive behind this is to get a media coverage. It seems that the number of such anti-corruption rallies in Assam will soon cross the number of rallies shouting for a solution to flood problem, illegal immigrants problem, repeal of armed forces special power act (AFSPA) and many other issues.  The youth leader Akhil Gogoi also has joined the anti-corruption movement in New Delhi leaving behind all his fights in Assam for various issues. It’s good to see the whole country getting united for a cause, but getting united for a cause and doing exactly opposite in daily life will not bring any change to the nation. Hypocrites can not change anything in this world, they rather produce too much chaos bringing instability to the system. And this worries me more than the loopholes in the jan lokpal bill and the fast until death type strategies to blackmail an elected government which I talked about in my previous post. I hope one day Indians will stand united to refrain themselves from bribing and will say no to piracy like they are getting united for passing a bill(with serious loopholes)  in the parliament which they don’t even understand fully!


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