Finally a new express train between Bombay and Guwahati (Kamakhya)!!

March 15, 2012 at 12:11 am (North East India)

Finally the Railway minister of India announced a new air conditioned express train between Bombay (Mumbai) and Kamakhya, Guwahati. Being the virtual capital of seven north eastern states of India, there are lots of commuters to Guwahati from the financial capital of India (Bombay). Following the 50-60 year long step motherly attitude towards north east India, the central government and its high profile railway ministers have always been ignoring the expansion of railways in north east. Less than half of north east India is yet to come under the reach of railways and no electric railway tracks have been set up to allow speedy trains. Anyways, being in Bombay for last six years or so, I have always faced the problem like many other fellow north eastern people, due to the deficiency of trains. There was just one train which runs twice a week and so pathetic that it takes around 55 to 60 hours at least to reach Guwahati. Man from earth probably can reach the moon in less time than this! But finally a new train has been introduced by not so high profile railway minister this time, who had to take over after the previous railway minister became the chief minister of an Indian state. Its hard to say if just one more weekly train would be enough, but still its better than having none. Previously, it was difficult to get a reserved seat in the trains even if you try to book two months before. Hope that situation will improve, slightly though.

Kudos to the railway minister anyways, who is currently under fire from some parties who have not done anything great for common men or the people of north east, but backfiring at the present railway minister for increasing the railway fare by few paisa (100 paisa = 1 rupee) per kilometer (after nine years) saying this would affect the common men. The increase in fare is aimed towards increasing safety and modernization of railways, which in a way should save lots of money and human lives lost every year due to accidents, slow (inefficient) trains etc. Anyways, these plans have always been a pen and paper work in Indian system, only time will tell how much of these will actually be implemented!


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